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We have prepared a special massage offer for you, delivered to your home, flat or office - We offer in-home massages!

Benefits for you resulting from this solution:

Although the massage is performed outside the salon:

Our masseuses

they are high-class specialists, having professional certificates of the best Thai massage schools and 15 years of experience! They have worked in the best SPAs in Thailand, Russia and Western Europe. They hold the certificate of Thai Ministry of Natural Medicine. In addition, they conduct trainings and courses for massage.

How it works?

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After the massage

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The benefits of Thai massage

Nowadays, the pace of life, work and the quest for money along with an unhealthy lifestyle cause that we are exposed to a number of health-related illnesses. The stress of everyday life causes muscle tension. Sedentary work, lack of exercise, fatigue, are also to blame. How does it affect our body?

It manifests itself in pain, weakness, lack of energy to live. All these symptoms may be due to muscle tension, which is a defensive reaction of the nervous system to pain, that is why it is so difficult to get rid of it. This condition causes many diseases and irregularities in the body. Additionally, it has a negative effect on our nervous and immune systems - causes apathy, lack of concentration, lack of energy and diseases associated with immune deficiency

The only way to relax your tense muscles is to adopt the mechanical method, that is the massage. You can not relax your tense muscles in any other way. Well-performed Thai massage brings a beneficial effect on our health and well-being.

The benefits of receiving a massage are huge. First of all, after massaging the muscles, the blood and lymph begins to circulate properly which improves the functioning of our body. Massage improves the nervous and immune systems efficiency, the tension goes away. We receive a powerful dose of positive energy. Massage stimulates blood circulation, which is why performed regularly, this treatment can provide the skin with a young and healthy look. According to specialists, it firms the skin, supports lymphatic drainage and gives glow to the pasty complexion.

An example of an effective usage of Thai massage are techniques that involve directly the sciatic nerve and ilipsoas. Applying stretching, kneading at different angles, pressing acupressure points, opening joints, the therapist is able to bring a clearly noticeable relief at various types of lower back pain, sciatic pain, spondylolist etc. One of the unique techniques of Thai Massage is so-called "blood retention". This involves applying a deep and lasting pressure of about one minute to the groin or arm area where the arteries are located. After releasing the pressure, a client experiences a hot blood stream striking along the leg or arm. This improves blood supply of tissues and cleansesthem of toxins. It removes muscle tension, energy stagnation, improves heart beat and has a deeply relaxing effect on the body and psyche.

Who is it for?

Thai massage is advisable for people who feel:

Thai massage effects

Go to our website, find the offer tab and select the treatment. If you have any questions - please contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best massage.

*Please order the massage one hour in advance to allow us to reach you on time.

If your are about to have the first Thai massage, call us. We will present you our full offer and help you choose the best massage for you. If you know Thai massage and you have questions, feel free to contact us as well.

We arrive in time.The driver helps to deliver the portable massage table to the place (without entering your house), then the masseuse prepares the spot in the place you specify (the massage bed is adapted to smaller rooms and does not take up much space and at the same time, the massage comfort remains high)

We start the massage with relaxing music. If you do not want any music, massage can be done without it but we recommend relaxing music because it enriches the sensation and relaxes.

After the massage is finished, it is important for you not to perform your home or professional duties immediatelly – rest for a moment, allow yourself to a 10-minute break before you get into everyday life with new energy. In the salon, we offer oriental tea or some other drink.