Head, Back and Shoulder Thai Massage

30 min
80 zl
60 min
120 zl
90 min
170 zl

This kind of Thai massage is concentrated on the upper body parts, that is on the back, arms, hands, neck and head. It is a combination of techniques used in Thai massage - acupressure, passive yoga, stretching, Ayurveda, basing on compression and stretching techniques. Disorders in the cerebral circulation cause headaches, migraines, memory and concentration problems, insomnia, and even depression. Whereas disorders in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar vertebrae cause curvature, degeneracy and dangerous alterations

Who is it for?

Upper body massage is especially recommended to people suffering from chronic headaches, backaches, arm, neck and spine pain. It is also a perfect idea for unwinding and muscle relaxation for busy people, exposed to stress, leading a sedentary lifestyle or spending a lot of time in one position.