Thai Aromatheraphy Massage

60 min
170 zl
Suggested time
for massages
90 min
230 zl
120 min
280 zl
Suggested time of massage allows to achieve the best therapeutic and relaxation effect

This relaxing and calming massage is performed using essential oils with regular but firm, strong and smooth movements of the massage therapist. In Thai massage with essentail oils the sequences of kneading and stretching movements as well as elements taken from acupressure and reflexology are applied. By combining various techniques in Thai massage you will experience energy flow through the body and improvement of blood circulation. Due to essential oils, which have antiseptic, antibacterial and calming properties, you will improve the condition and hydration of your skin. This massage is performed with the use of essential oils containing lavender, palisander, pranjipani, rose, mint ylang-ylang, and sandalwood extracts. The intensity of a massage is adjusted to your individual needs, for example health problems or muscle tightness.

Who is it for?

Thai Aromatherapy Massage is recommended to people who need a moment of peace, tranquility and a moment only for one's self.

Moreover, the massage is applicable to people with neuralgia, paresis, rheumatism. It is used during recuperation after injuries, accidents, diseases.