About our studio

The Maliwan Asian massage parlour was created out of passion for the Asian culture and its holistic approach. We believe the traditional methods, which are the foundations of Thai medicine, are the most accurate response to prevention and treatment of ailments resulting from living in a hurry, stress and pressure.br>
The name of our parlour comes from an exceptionally beautiful Thai female name, which is derived from original Malivalaya meaning 'fragnant flower' or more precisely 'trailing jasmine'.

Maliwan is the place where you will be taken care of by qualified and experienced masseuses. They have acquired certificates confirming the completion of prestigious Thai massage schools. They can pride themselves on having many years of professional practice gained while working in the best massage parlours in Asia and in Europe. Our masseuses come from Thailand.

They will restore the balance between your soul and the body in the atmosphere of peace and privacy. In Maliwan we believe that the balance between the spiritual and the physical sphere is the remedy for living in harmony and peace of mind.

The treatments we offer are a touch of Southeast Asia in a nutshell. Here you will experience ayurveda as well as passive yoga techniques originating in India or Thai massage, which by its history rememberes Buddha himself.

In addition to the rich offer of treatments, we also provide a massage for couples - perfect to celebrate special occasions just for two. Two Hands massage is also performed. It is carried out simultaneously by two masseuses working at the same time on the same part of the body, which doubles the sensation during the massage. We also recommend our vouchers, which can be gifted to a chosen person as a unique present.


The masseuses you will meet at Maliwan are certificated therapists from Thailand. Their knowledge and skills are based on many years of practice. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with their profiles and information on which treatments are their specialties.

Maliwan Thepprathum

The name of our studio comes from her exceptionally beautiful name, which origins from Malivalaya, which means fragrant flower, more precisely - trailing jasmine. She came to us from a picturesque town of Maha Sarakham in central Thailand. She is the key person in our Salon responsible for maintaining the highest massage standards in accordance with Thai art and tradition. She has 15 years of experience as a masseuse in Thailand, China, Russia and Western Europe. Maliwan completed numerous Thai massage courses and has obtained the certificate from Ministry of Public Health in Thailand and the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society. She conducted trainings for new masseurs and raising qualifications courses. In addition to her high professional qualifications, Maliwan is a person with a very positive, cheerful attitude, with a great sense of humor and a brilliant approach to people. I highly recommend - it is worth using the Maliwan massage.

Puangpet Punchara

Young, cheerful, pretty and crazy girl with an edge. Did someone say that the Thai women are calm? Nothing like it, they are crazier than our Polish girls, in the positive sense of the word. Puangpet comes from the small town of Roi ET located in the northern part of Thailand. Her career path as a masseuse is similar to Maliwan's, because they have worked together for a long time in Russia, Thailand and China. Sometimes I wonder where these women find so much power, energy, such a positive approach to life, something incomprehensible here in Europe. This is Puangpet, walking volcano of energy and smile. She has 10 years of experience working as a masseuse in Thailand, China, Russia and Western Europe. She has completed numerous Thai massage courses and has the certificate from Ministry of Public Health in Thailand and the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.