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Thai Massage

A few words
about Maliwan salon

The Maliwan Asian massage parlour was created out of passion for the Asian culture and its holistic approach. We believe the traditional methods, which are the foundations of Thai medicine, are the most accurate response to prevention and treatment of ailments resulting from living in a hurry, stress and pressure.

The name of our parlour comes from an exceptionally beautiful Thai female name, which is derived from original Malivalaya meaning 'fragnant flower' or more precisely 'trailing jasmine'.

Our offer

Our offer is rich not only in treatments which improve the functioning of the body, but also in a wide range of massages having a beneficial effect on a weary body and frayed nerves.

Candle massage

An extremely sensual ritual performed with warm candle oil, which is a beneficial treatment for the body and senses.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage dates back 2,500 years. In antiquity, it was used only among the royal family, Buddhist monks and the Buddha himself. Scenes showing its stages can be found on reliefs in Angkor temples.

Thai Aromatheraphy Massage

This highly relaxing massage is performed with slow, steady moves. Pressure during the massage is adjusted to meet customer's individual needs.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

This healing massage has been practiced in Thailand for over 400 years. Therapists from the Thai temple Wat Pho propose to complete a therapeutic massage with compresses filled with herbs.

Massage Lomi-Lomi Nui

Massage which was once a rite practiced in the kahunas' temples - the masters of healing.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is one of the elements involved in the process of preparing professionals as well as people doing sports intensively.

Head, Back and Shoulder Thai Massage

According to Thai Buddhist philosophy, the head and upper body are the crucial energy zone of human being interrelated with all internal organs. This massage soothes neck and shoulder muscle aches, it also eliminates back pain.

Thai Massage for Seniors

Thai massage for seniors is a gentle version of classic Thai massage. It helps preventing and treating age-related ailments such as rheumatism or arthritis.

Reflexotherapy - Thai Foot Massage

Foot reflexology is a type of therapeutic massage. During the procedure, the theraphist stimulates specific points on the feet corresponding to the individual internal organs. This results, among many, in the initiation of self-regulation, self-healing and detoxification.

Reflexotherapy – Thai Head Massage

Head reflexology is a type of therapy according to which the particular areas on the head correspond to the internal organs and parts of the body. Compression therapy with acupuncture, massaging the head along the meridians responsible for the flow of life energy causes reactions which trigger the self-healing potential of the body.

Slimming massage

How does it happen that the massage makes you slim?
Suitable massage techniques, also with the use of a Chinese bubble, help to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Thai Face Massage with gold

This Massage dates back thousands of years, allowing us to keep the skin looking younger.

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